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Green and net zero

Surrey is committed to a net zero future – and as businesses in our vibrant regional economy, you are vital to achieving this goal by 2050.

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Going green is good for business

It can help your business grow, seize new opportunities, create new jobs, encourage investment and adapt against the challenges of a changing planet.

Reducing emissions can also save your business money in running costs, become more attractive to customers, and qualify for tax benefits.

The good news is that Surrey is leading the way in key sectors crucial to the UK’s future economy.

We are working with businesses and organisations to nurture innovation across the region to help transition to a net zero emissions economy.

Take a look at some helpful links about our green and net-zero initiatives below. Or contact our team for advice and support.

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Green and net zero initiatives

UK Business Climate Hub

The UK Business Climate Hub provides net zero advice for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK

Net Zero Places Innovation Network

Innovate UK Business Connect’s Net Zero Places Innovation Network aims to make Net Zero in the UK a reality.

WRAP environmental business advice

Confidential advice and support on environmental issues for all UK businesses.

Manufacturing Energy Toolkit

Specialist resources and advice to help manufacturers reduce their energy consumption and increase profitability.

Greener Future grants

Funding for business of all sizes overseen by the Surrey County Council Greener Futures team.

Surrey’s greener future

In 2020, Surrey County Council committed to a Climate Change Strategy to deliver meaningful action on climate change and become a net zero county by 2050.

But we won’t be able to achieve this without the support of businesses.

Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions, whether it’s through their premises, the vehicles they use, or their supply chain.

Reaching net zero is about more than just balancing carbon emissions; it’s about transforming the way businesses of all sizes operate.

Unsure where to start? Contact our expert team who can help your Surrey business with net zero and sustainability support.

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Key stats

Climate change icon

Climate change

90% of SMEs are keen to tackle climate change

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85% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business with a reputation for sustainability

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Green careers

57,000 jobs in Surrey by 2030 will be in green careers