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Major Surrey company build interest in construction careers at Nescot

Construction professionals of the future were provided a chance to learn more about careers in the industry in an interactive day at Surrey’s Nescot College.

Representatives from Ringway Infrastructure Services, Surrey’s leading highway maintenance contractor, led the session at the further education college in Epsom.

Students from a range of courses had the chance to find out more about the new Construction Skills for Highway Maintenance courses being delivered by the college with Ringway and supply chain partner Eurovia Surfacing.

The day was supported by the Surrey Careers Hub, a Surrey County Council service which connects employers to training providers to ensure young people can take their next best step.

Slavina Kalendzhieva, Head of Foundation Learning at Nescot said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Ringway and Eurovia to deliver these courses which create lots of opportunities for our students. The courses offer clear pathways from education to vocational, employment and apprenticeship opportunities and will help students develop skillsets for next steps after college.

“The opportunity to meet with industry professionals has also given our students an insight into the varied opportunities available in the highway sector.”

Carolyn Jay, Community and Place Manager at Ringway said:

“We are really excited to be working with Nescot. The accredited construction curriculum courses offer masterclasses by Ringway and Eurovia. Students will have the opportunity to interview for a job or apprenticeship with Ringway, Eurovia and supply chain partners following course completion.

“The college has been so excellent and responsive to us being on campus to demonstrate to students the wide range of work opportunities in the highways industry which needs young people. We want to showcase how accessible it is to work in this sector.”

Students had the opportunity to try out specialised equipment to lay a paving slab. Others used electric hand tools including a fully electric steel saw used for cutting slabs and tarmac. Some explored the vehicles used, including an Accident and Emergency vehicle, a Roller and a Low Loader used for transporting highway kit.

Bricklaying student Jack who enjoyed exploring the Roller vehicle said:

“It’s been a fantastic experience finding out what is involved with working on the roads and the various equipment used. It is great that these courses are being offered, they sound very interesting and I think they will enhance my learning.”

Highways Maintenance courses at Nescot

The one-year Level 1 and Entry Level Construction Skills for Highway Maintenance courses develop skills in construction, employability and digital with a focus on highway maintenance.

They are designed to provide a pathway to the Ringway Highways Maintenance/Groundworks Apprenticeship, or similar roles with Eurovia and other supply chain partner.

Certified by the Gateway examining body, the Building and Construction specification is delivered with input from Ringway and Eurovia staff. It includes live briefs, industry projects, masterclasses and enrichment activities.

Students will have the opportunity to interview for a job or apprenticeship with Ringway, Eurovia and supply chain partners following course completion.

Ringway manage and maintain the largest portfolio of highways service contracts in the UK. This covers over 43,000km of strategic and local highway network on behalf of National Highways, Transport for London, and local authorities.

Student in high vis jacket sits on a construction vehicle, with a tutor on the ground advising him how to use it.