One Cobham

One Cobham was established in 2023, as part of the Business Improvement District (BID) scheme.

We are the catalyst which supports the sustained success of Cobham’s local economy, whilst protecting the all-round vibrancy of our village, for residents and visitors alike.

We are dedicated to providing a dynamic platform that fosters growth for local businesses and creates an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike. Cobham stands as a beacon of opportunity, and it is our mission to merge tradition with innovation to unlock the true potential of our village.

Knowledge Hub

This is a resource of helpful guides from business experts. Find useful articles on a range of topics to help you to grow your business, become more resilient, manage a workforce or start a new business.

Sector Support

Waverley has one of the highest business densities in Surrey, with over 8,000 VAT registered businesses. The vast majority of these businesses are small – 91% employ fewer than 10 people. Waverley Borough Council and partners assist key sectors with targeted support. See how we can help your business sector by following the links below.

Clean Growth

Rising greenhouse gas emissions continue to deepen the Climate Crisis. We all have a part to play in helping lower carbon emissions and protecting our planet for future generations. Small changes can make a big difference, this page contains a few ideas to make your business more sustainable.

CSR & Community Support

Find why and how your business can sustainably grow and positively impact the society and the environment.

Property Services & Premises

Looking to expand your business? Want to advertise your shop? Find out if you need planning permission and how to get some pre-application advice. If you are thinking of adding more floor space, you might need planning permission. Waverley Borough Council offers a paid for pre-application service. If you are an existing business in Waverley you might qualify for a 10% discount.

Venues & Events Services

Whether you are looking for a small meeting room or a venue for a black tie event, Waverley’s variety of venues offer ideal spaces for meetings and networking events:

Farnham BID

Business improvement districts are an effective way in which businesses can take control and improve their trading environment.

BID’s are funded and controlled directly by the businesses that pay for them. As a business, you choose which projects the BID fund is spent on.

Since 2004 when Government passed the Business Improvement Legislation, there have been over 300 successful BID’s in the UK, which over the next 5 years will generate over £100 million in investment.

Work on establishing a BID in Farnham is ongoing. Contact the team on the form below for more details.

Woking Chamber of Commerce

Based in the heart of Woking, the Chamber of Commerce is an independent and dynamic business network with strong presence across the borough. We see our purpose as furthering the interests of local businesses and the ongoing development of a successful business community.

Formed in 1899, Woking Chamber of Commerce is the oldest independent Chamber in Surrey.

We represent the interests of hundreds of businesses and organisations from blue chip companies and SMEs to charities and individual members.

The Chamber consists of a friendly, professional group of business owners, directors, managers, and staff who meet regularly, not only to promote our businesses but, as importantly, to help and support one another.

Business advice, funding & resources

Energy Cost Advice, Funding, BIDS, Sustainability, Training & Webinars & Other Partners